How to Choose the Best Modern Planters for Your Home Decor

How to Choose the Best Modern Planters for Your Home Decor

Everyone wants to decorate their homes like professionals. But, choosing the right modern planters to blend with your existing interior and outdoor designs can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right guide. With a huge number of planters, you may wonder which one is the best for your home décor.

You may have come across planters in various styles and designs. Some designs major in functionality while others prioritize in appearance that give your house the best display.

The good news is that we have the best modern planters for your home decorations that will make your plants stand out and lure your visitors to keep staring. So, whether you want a planter for aesthetics or their functionality, here is a guide on the most important things to consider.

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Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Modern Planter

1. What is the color of your existing decor ?

Before you go out or search for your preferred planter on a website, have you figured out how that pot will look when placed next to your existing furniture? Does the color make the living room too bright or dull ?

Brightly-colored vases create visual interest while neutral color pots create an environment for eye-catching plants. If you are looking for an industrial look, use planters in metallic materials. But if your interest is a modern design, then use geometric pots.

Take for instance:

Bexley - Nordic Metal Decoration Flower Stand

These types of planters are supported with beautiful metal stands which add an industrial touch to your home décor. They will give your house a natural feel and a great display in your office or café desktop.

2. Filling Empty Spaces

If you have several empty spaces, then a plant galore is a perfect choice. They add an aesthetic touch to your home décor and make your surrounding lively. So, go for an assortment of planters for your indoors as well as outdoors.

3. The Size of Your Room

Once you set out to purchase modern planters, chances are that you will be overwhelmed by the different sizes and you may end up taking home more than you need.t

Ask yourself…

How big is the room you want to decorate? Remember, you do not want to make your interior or desktop too busy. In this case, the size of the pot should be a topmost consideration. You will find that some flower pots are too big, too small, and others not the colors you wanted. Here are some important decorating tips to make a large room feel cozy.

Consider this scenario:

You live in a small studio apartment but purchased three super-duper geometric copper planters. Your planters will appear too loud and impractical compared to space. Your choice of planters should apply to your space and style.

Coral-Ferris Wheel White Ceramic Flower Pots

As the name suggests the pots are displayed in a wheel-like stand. This would be a perfect planter for a small space. You can even use it on your desktop since it gives your space a decorative appearance without causing congestion.

4. Bring in Your Personality

What are you on the lookout for? Are you in love with plants that bear funky leaves, gnarly branches, or a little bit more character? All will add charm to your space. However, a more personalized vase can bring the satisfaction and warmth you have always wished for.

Deidra-Modern Bonsai Marbling Flower Pot

If you are always looking for strange unique vases, look no further! The set is an assortment of adorable pots and can be used anywhere in the house. They give you enough space for the type of plants you want while providing you with a charming warm aura.

5. Keep it Mini

If done well, a grouping of planters will work just as perfectly as one big vase.

Take an example, assuming you want to decorate your working desk, three small planters are likely to make the area congested as compared to one. The same planters, used in a large dining table or area makes the place lovely. On different occasions, if you have a couple of other home décor items one pot is all you need to add in each room.

Catriona- Wall-Hanging Ceramic Pot

This set of novelty wall hanging pots is one that makes your walls lively with a touch of nature. It is an awesome piece for all room sizes. It’s minimal design blends with any space and the result is truly amazing.

6. Size of the Anticipated Plant

If you are not thinking of changing your plant any time soon, you will need to make sure the planter you choose has enough room for the plant to grow and expand. You want to make sure that your plants have a generous amount of space even if you plan to transfer to another pot later.

Although we as humans are only interested in the flower part, the plant’s roots need enough room to stretch and grow into healthier flowers in the future.

7. The porosity of the Materials

Looking at the different options regarding planters in the market, you will realize that each time new shapes, sizes, and materials are introduced. All these types serve a purpose in different settings when decorating your home.

The most important materials are wood and unglazed ceramic. They not only look attractive in your garden but are also porous. Such materials allow your plants to breathe and drain effectively. You will, however, compensate for this feature by watering them more often.

Have a look at our porous ceramic planters. Each pot is designed with a bottom hole for good drainage. Your plants will be well-nourished with no waterlogging.

Now you can decorate your home like a pro! We offer you a wide range of unique, modern, and classy planters and pots for all your home décor needs.

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